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This mockery of Derek being sacked from his office job features office ambiance room tone, an authoritative voice and a high-pitched surprised and defensive voice.

Orcs are keeping a close eye on their prisoners. One human gets put in a cell with dwarves.

Features screaming, grunts and groans, orc, human and dwarf voices, SFX (pulleys, closing gates, squeaking).

Episode 2. Derek falls from the roof of the building.

Features multiple characters.

Character voices for animation, cartoons, video games and radio dramas

Character Voices Demos

Longer length Demos

Voice acting for animation, cartoons, and video game characters is exciting and creative. Listen Up Voices offers you a variety of character voices for your projects, including animal and alien sounds, and onomatopoeia. Whether you need a eerie whispering voice, menacing alien voice or a higher-pitched voice, Lee can put his vocal cords to the test to give you that sound.

Contact Listen Up Voices for a custom read of some of your script to evaluate Lee’s voice and audio quality.