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So, you’re looking for a voice-over artist for your audio project. Listen Up Voice-overs can bring that voice talent to you.

Lee Saunders, the founder of Listen Up voice-overs, is a voice-over talent / voice actor from Nottingham in England. He has learnt his acting skills by attending an acting workshop in Nottingham. He now brings those principals to voice acting, narration, IVR, TV, radio, corporate, and drama projects, that require a voice-over artist and voice-over services.

Whether you need a character for an animation, a narrator for a corporate video or audiobook, or a voice to welcome your clients when they call you, Listen Up voice-overs can deliver.

Listen Up records and delivers your high-quality voice-over or narration quickly via e-mail or FTP.


Listen Up uses:

Listen before you commit

Listen Up can provide you with a free sample read of part of your script for approval and further direction if required. With an approved sample, you know what you are going to get before committing funds to the project.